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Sunday, March 27, 2021

WE’LL BE BACK …. IN 2023 



It was a sad decision to make but a logical one considering the lockdowns of 2020; the possibility of immediate lockdowns up to December 2021 and a further 12 months henceforth and community indecision.

The Festival Committee met on Wednesday evening, 2 March 2021 and it was the almost majority decision that we could not guarantee the extra special Thorpdale Potato Festival that the district and State have come to expect with the current COVID-19 restrictions still hanging over our heads.

 We have, however, committed to holding bi-monthly meetings to focus on special areas of our Festival that we felt need attention and to work on some extra special events that we are bringing to the Festival in 2023 that will be even bigger and better – we can’t tell you about them yet because the i’s haven’t been dotted but they are absolutely fantastic and everyone will be lining up!


All the old wonderful events will be back – bigger and better.  



The town of Thorpdale has a proud history in the vegtable industry - the main product though has always been potatoes, grown from the rich red volcanic soil.



Famous Spud Events


Test your speed and strengh, and discover how you would handle life as a potato picker.

You will be challenged in a series of potato related events, including potato picking, packing and stacking, as well as mash eating and sack races for the kids.

The ultimate prize of the Spudman Challenge is the pinnacle of Thorpdale pride - see if you can take home the accolade!

Locally Grown Produce


There's nothing better then eating fresh, locally grown produce. It's even better when you get it from the farmer who grew it! You will be able to purchase some of our delicious fresh produce on the day to take home and enjoy with your family. There will be cooking demonstrations and tastings throughout the day to inspire you for some 'tato recipes at home. Yum!



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Traditional spud picking events